Friday, March, 24,2023

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While people love to watch content on OTT, these actors are yet to get that star value, says actress Subuhii Joshi. The actress adds that since the masses still love TV, they attach more stardom to TV actors, rather than OTT.

“It's not that OTT actors are not becoming stars, everybody watches OTT in today's time, that's the fact. It's easier to watch and accessible anywhere and anytime but the masses still watch TV. It's not that OTT actors are not becoming stars but they are not being recognized because the masses still prefer to watch TV,” she says.

Since there is no censorship issue on OTT one or two bold scenes have become almost a normal thing. However, Subuhii is not in favour of this. “Honestly, I am not a big fan of such content. If it's really necessary, then it's fine but a lot of shows forcefully add such content. I become very uncomfortable when such scenes come up when I am watching something with my family,” she says.

Content on OTT touches on topics such as extramarital affairs, sex and drugs. However, Subuhii says that these topics have always been there in society. “It's not that the entertainment industry has exposed all these to people, such things have happened before too, in fact, they have happened in our vicinity. It's just that nobody has said it openly. But the entertainment industry has made such content which puts it in the open,” she says.

Meanwhile, the actress says that the a lot of young actors are very differentand talented. “Back when we came into the industry things were different. Today, newcomers learn a lot before they come. They already know the camera angle, etc. But when I started, I was very raw and I think if you are raw, you do things in a better way, and you get polished over time. The thought process of today's generation is different and their beliefs are different too, I am not saying I am too old, but yes, the mindset varies. Newcomers already know what and when to speak. But I also feel that too much exposure is also not too good. They want to do things their way and in a perfect way but I think when things are done raw, the outcomes are good,” she expressed.

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