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“People call me privileged, but it’s a disadvantage”

Janhvi Kapoor has made her mark in the film industry by making some interesting choices very early in her career. The actress has done some remarkable performances such as Mili, GoodLuck Jerry and Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl, among others. In a new interview, Jahnvi reflected on how people assume 'she’s gotten by easily in life', and the role her mom Sridevi plays in her life choices.

Speaking about the difference between trolling and actual criticism, the actress mentioned in a recent interview, “No matter what you do, somebody will find faults or have something to say, because that makes them feel important. Next thing you know, you’ve made the headlines…and unfortunately, people feed off of that.”

The actress said “You know, it really hurts when you’re putting in the hard work, the sweat and blood, or undergoing the mental turmoil, and some random, anonymous person on the Internet goes like, ‘Acting nahi aati toh kyun karti ho, nepotism ki bacchi?’ (If you can’t act, why do you try, nepo-baby?). It takes all of a second to reduce you to something insignificant. On the other hand, if somebody says, ‘You were good in Mili, but you could improve your performance in another film,’ then I respect that," she added.

Janhvi added, "I am prioritising hard work. And I’ve always been very clear about my goals in life... I want to live up to my mother’s [Sridevi] legacy. This doesn’t come from a place of arrogance, but a desire to want to give back to my parents, as well as the audience. While I may have gotten certain opportunities more easily, I also feel like I’m at a disadvantage. In the sense, people aren’t going to come and watch my films from a neutral perspective — they’re going to come in saying, ‘Oh, she’s gotten by easily in life; she’s privileged.’ So I have to convince them that I have something to offer; I work hard, and I value everything that I have been given. I love cinema, and I am not apologetic about it anymore, because I know I’m good at what I do... I’m just warming up."

Janhvi was last seen in the survival thriller Mili. The film – a remake of the Malayalam film Helen – was produced by her father Boney Kapoor. Janhvi has several films lined up. She will be seen in Dostana 2, Bawaal alongside Varun Dhawan, and in Mr And Mrs Mahi with Rajk u m m a r Rao.

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