Friday, September, 29,2023

Radiant Trailblazer!

Can you share with our readers what inspired you to pursue a career in modelling?
I’ve always been captivated by models on the runway, witnessing their elegance and how confidently they carried themselves. That was my inspiration. I wanted to develop that grace and confidence within myself, and that’s what led me to pursue a career in modelling.

Your journey began with Miss India Glam 2023. How was that experience for you, and who played a significant role in supporting you along the way?
Participating in Miss India Glam 2023 was a dream come true. I feel incredibly blessed to have achieved the title of 2nd runnerup. Throughout my journey, my mentor, Pawan Tank sir, played a vital role. He believed in me and provided constant support. I owe a great deal of my success to him and my mentors who guided me and helped me develop the confidence and determination needed to achieve my goals.

What qualities do you believe are essential for a contestant in a beauty pageant, and how did you develop these qualities within yourself?
In my opinion, discipline, hard work, confidence, and a positive mindset are crucial for any contestant in a beauty pageant. I developed these qualities by keenly observing my mentors and seniors. I observed how they communicated, delivered their points, and interacted with others. By observing and learning from them, I was able to cultivate these desired qualities within myself.

Winning a title in a beauty pageant comes with respect and recognition. How have you used this platform to make a positive impact in your society?
Winning a title in a beauty pageant has granted me a great deal of respect and recognition in my society. It has empowered me to voice my views and suggestions on social issues. Through the India Glam organization, we work towards providing a platform for women to represent their talent, express their opinions, and support and empower one another.

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