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Amrit Mahotsav of Independence is a festival to make us realize the real secret of freedom in the light of the glorious traditions of our national love, harmony, and spirituality

When the country became independent, we did not have any sovereign constitution of our own. Republic Day is very important because the Constitution came into force on this day.

The Indian Constitution is the largest handwritten constitution in the world. I consider it a global document of human rights and duties.

If there is a reliable system for the protection of human rights, then it is in the Indian Constitution itself. Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation, had once said that ‘the Ganges of rights flows from the Himalayas of duties’. The Constitution is the decorum of freedom.

The whole country is celebrating the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence at this time. There is also a need to think deeply in the context of this Mahotsav on the occasion of Republic Day.

Because, for the first time this has happened when the Mahotsav is being celebrated at various levels across the country for keeping the memory of our freedom fighters alive, to keep the culture and glorious history of the country intact in the light of the events related to the freedom movement.

Consider that we are all illuminated by the sun and the light of the sun is reflected on the earth by becoming moonlight. Moon is immortal.

Having nectar-like rays. Its rays never fade. It is indestructible due to being imbued with the nectar element. I also consider Indian culture to be inexhaustible in the same way.

The Amrit Mahotsav of Independence is a festival to make us realize the real secret of freedom in the light of the glorious traditions of our national love, harmony, and spirituality. It is dedicated to those people, due to which the country became self-reliant in various fields.

It is dedicated to the achievements of those who wrote incredible success stories to make the country strong and prosperous.

Public participation has been ensured in the all-around development of the country. The aim is that the small efforts and changes that have been made for the pride of the country at the local level for the spirit of self-reliant India can take the form of national achievement.

The real objective of this festival is to preserve the history of efforts made for great successes in each state and every region of India so as to inspire future generations. I also call it the inspirational festival of the new generation.

After independence, a strong foundation of development in the country was laid based on planned development in each area under the constitution.

The philosophy associated with Indian culture, the lofty life traditions we have - the Constitution explains it in a way. I believe that a nation is not just a landmass. It is a thought in itself.

The meaning of seeing the country in the noun of thought is a nation in which there is no distinction between men and women based on caste and religion.

Where experience and knowledge are partners. Bharat itself means that great tradition of knowledge and philosophy in which the essence from the Vedic hymns to the Advaita philosophy of Adi Shankaracharya comes.

Our nation has given the message of considering the whole world as our family with the formula of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’.

Today the country is progressing rapidly by providing social, economic, mental, political freedom to women, social and economic backward, disabled, and tribals.

But I believe that the real goal will be accomplished only when the person standing in the last row gets equality and justice.

It is imperative that our new generation become self-reliant, and be educated in human values. It is the duty of all of us that we should be fully engaged in achieving the bigger goals of self-reliance. Post-covid pandemic, the world will be new.

There will be a new system, and I am sure this new system will be inspired by the lofty values of Indian culture.

Because even in the difficult times of covid, we supplied medicines and vaccines not only for ours but to other countries of the world keeping in view the world humanity.

The country has achieved great successes in various fields in the last 75 years despite difficult challenges. India, which once faced a shortage of food grains, is today the world’s largest exporter of food grains.

The country has today become a global supplier of vaccines in the era of the pandemic, recovering from the lack of health services.

With the emerging nationalism, today the country has taken a big leap in information technology and special knowledge-based industries. We have achieved food security for a large population. There is no area in which India is not moving fast.

Come, on Republic Day today, in the light of ‘Azadi Ke Amrit Mahotsav’, let us all try with determination to take the nation on the path of knowledge and development. Create new avenues for the progress of the country.

May everyone’s happiness be collective happiness and sorrow collective sorrow. We should be proud of the nation’s pride, with this collective spirit, on Republic Day, let us all pave the way for the all-around development of the country.


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