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Shahi Libaas

On the auspicious occasion of Eid al-Adha, City First brings to you a sneak peek at the latest and trendy Pakistani outfits by designer Mehak Sharma which are ‘In-demand’ by fashionistas all over the world!

As the festival of Eid has arrived, it is again that time of the year when the women are out in the market for shopping the latest trend.

But there is always something special about the Eid outfits, i.e. the touch of ‘Pakistani Designs’ that gives the apparel a royal look. 

Many designers from India are using the designs and fabrics that are famous in Pakistan, and their dresses are not only liked by the Muslim community but are also loved by Hindus and other religions for their elegance. 

One such talented designer from Jaipur, Rajasthan is Mehak Sharma, who has launched her special Pakistani collection by the name ‘Inaya’ in her designer store ‘Mani Jaipur’.

These outfits are not only rich in appearance but the fabric that is used to make them, popularly known as Pakistani lawn fabric, is super comfortable to wear in any season.

The handwork combined with machine embroidery makes it possible to wear these dresses on any kind of occasion, may it be a wedding, corporate party or just a normal get together. People are falling for these dresses which are printed digitally with a fusion of Mughal Art. 

This collection also includes ‘Blockprinting’, which is a process of printing patterns using engraved wooden blocks,  having its roots from Rajasthan.

he motifs are inspired by ancient Mughal Architecture which makes you stand out from the crowd. Also, Shararas are one of the most picked outfits for weddings these days, specially by the bridesmaids.

Fashion is about wearing something that makes you comfortable yet stunning, and these outfits are giving usfashion goals.

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