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Silence is the climax of sound

Koshish is one of the most beautiful sensitive movies on the life and challenges of the differently-abled. Sanjeev Kumar and Jaya Bhaduri as a deaf and dumb couple gave one of their best performances.

They both are consummate actors and breathe real-life into their characters and in Koshish, they surpassed themselves. 

The name is so apt for this movie … an effort … Ek koshish … prayas … to lead a normal respectable life.  What struck me was the sheer restraint in the movie, there is no melodrama, there are no cliches that abound in such movies even today.

Heart-touching scenes are sprinkled throughout the film like beautiful bunches of wildflowers on a soothing green landscape, one of my favourite scenes is when the parents whistle alternately to catch the attention of their newborn son to check if he is ‘normal’ and he responds by turning his head.

Their sheer joy and the cacophony of whistles …the neighbours laugh and carry on … nothing matters except Haricharan and Arti and their small ‘imperfect’ world. 

One thing which impresses is the care taken to ensure that the sign language is authentic. Both Sanjeev and Jaya excelled in their respective roles, their interaction with each other, emotions expressed through the eyes and then their ‘parleys’ into the ‘other’ world- so realistic!

The film showcases that how such a couple can rise above their circumstances if they remain optimistic and are given opportunities and in 1972, it was a strong and hitherto ‘unsaid’ message! Though Gulzar’s stress through the movie that the deaf and dumb are blessed as they will never hear/see the bad things is not a thought to be taken ahead, please! Another issue that irked me was the ‘emotionally forced’ marriage of Hari and Aarti’s son to a deaf and dumb girl, the message is wonderful but the son should have been allowed to make his own choice without guilt.

For me, Koshish is an out and out love story albeit with a social message but the message is also how love does triumph over everything and with the right love partner, even the most difficult paths can be strewn with rose petals!

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