Friday, March, 24,2023

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You can’t help but notice Ishita Sharma – the trailblazing fashion model is a savvy force to be reckoned with. The beauty made her runway and won hearts at Queen of India auditions. Talking about her journey, the beauty said, “Fashion and glamour industry was nowhere close to my mind, I whole heartedly follow and promote fitness though. I finished my schooling and one day I was blessed with the opportunity to work for the beauty pageant I took that opportunity and the rest is history. I couldn’t be more grateful to Jagdeesh Chandra Sir and the First India team for their support and guidance.” When asked about her family background, the star replied, “My family lives in Hyderabad and they have supported me all throughout. I have always been passionate aboput health and fitness and for the same I also run a sports and gym wear shop in Jaipur.” She further added, “I wish to make my family and my country proud by representing myself on international beauty platforms. I didn’t realize that so many people, especially from my hometown started to look up to me and I would want them to know that always believe in yourself. Listen to your heart and slay the world!

My major motivation is for the women as I always strive hard towards uplifting my fellow ladies, everyone deserves to shine and build a place for themselves.

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