Friday, August, 12,2022


First India presents Glamanand Supermodel India becomes bigger this time as they have recently acquired the Miss Grand International franchise. The winners will represent India at Miss International and Miss Grand International pageants.

First India presents Glamanand Supermodel 2022 and is proud to announce that a panel of experts, including Nikhil Anand, National Director and Chairman of Glamanand Group, Zoya Afroz, Asmita Chakraborty, Divija Gambhir, Anita Hada, Ayeshaa S Aiman, Trisha Shetty, Nishi Bhardwaj and Devika Vaid were assigned the most tedious and challenging task to help shortlist the top 36 finalists who made it through in the first cut. And rest assured, at the end of this journey, they will choose the representatives with a sense of confidence, purpose, and drive to make a difference. The event focuses on improving the overall personality and confidence of the participants. This year grooming and training sessions will be held during the coming months before competition dates. In these sessions, contestants will be prepared in various aspects to enhance self-confidence while walking the ramp, personality enhancement, nutrition, fitness and other areas of development that are needed to become a professional models.

Nikhil Anand, National Director and Chairman of Glamanand Group strongly believes that a positive mindset and confidence can lead to a prosperous and meaningful life. Beauty can not be confined to only external appearance, with this pageant we aim to create awareness for many important social issues as well.

The national finalists shall now have their online training until the national pageant starts. We cannot wait to welcome the new queens who will hold the pride of India at the international pageants. First India presents Glamanand Supermodel 2022 firmly believes in the power of beauty to be the change and changemaker and an inspiration to women of various cultures and backgrounds by providing a platform that empowers women to discover their personal and professional dreams and unleashes their potential to effect positive change as role models and ambassadors that honour the power of women.

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