Positive by choice

Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston did not get her buoyant personality from a pleasant past. In fact, she credits her ‘unsafe’ childhood household for developing her positive attitude towards situations when things don’t go the right way. During an interview for Interview magazine, the 51-year-old beauty was praised by Sandra Bullock for having “a way of pushing joy and positivity” in her life. When pressed what was the driving force behind it, Aniston said: “I think that it comes from growing up in a household that was destabilized and felt unsafe.”

“Watching adults being unkind to each other, and witnessing certain things about human behavior that made me think: ‘I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to be that. I don’t want to experience this feeling I’m having in my body right now. I don’t want anyone else that I ever come in contact with ever to feel that.’ So I guess I have my parents to thank,” she said.

“You can either be angry or be a martyr, or you can say, ‘You’ve got lemons? Let’s make lemonade’.”

Asked the thing that can take her down the quickest, Aniston said: “Turning on the television, listening to the news, reading the paper – that can make me really sad and really angry.” She elaborated her answer by pointing out at “the division that’s been taking place” and “the complete chaos that’s existing.”

“When people show greed and bad behaviour and a lack of gratitude,” she added.