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Renowned Author Offers a Fresh Perspective on India's Cultural Narrative in 'The Third Eye'

Bangalore: R. Ramasubramaniyan, a respected author, aims to reshape the way we perceive India and its rich cultural heritage with his latest book, 'The Third Eye.' In this groundbreaking work, he presents a compelling counter-narrative to the prevailing Western-influenced perspective that dominates our understanding of history, culture, religion, and civilization, not just in India but worldwide.

In the author's own words, "The goal was to see if we can create a new vision of Bharat 4.0, an attempt to build a framework that can be used to see afresh the religion and civilizational story of Hinduism."

'The Third Eye' aims to spark meaningful conversations and open minds to alternative interpretations of India's historical and cultural narrative. With meticulous research and thoughtful analysis, Ramasubramaniyan encourages readers to question existing notions and embrace a more nuanced understanding of their own heritage.

This thought-provoking book is set to captivate readers and scholars alike, inspiring a renewed appreciation for the multi-faceted nature of India's diverse traditions and civilizations. 'The Third Eye' promises to be a significant contribution to the ongoing dialogue surrounding cultural perspectives and the reshaping of national narratives.

'The Third Eye' delves into ten key frameworks, known as the 10 C's, which include topics like Caste, Cow, Conversion, Communalism, Christianism, Communism, Colonialism, Constitution, Country, and Civilization. By revisiting these frameworks, Ramasubramaniyan seeks to offer a fresh and Indic viewpoint that challenges the Western-fortified lens through which we perceive our past.

For more information about the book you can reach the author at [email protected] 

The book can be purchased at https://www.amazon.in/dp/B0C4Q432Y1 and is also available across leading online and offline book stores.

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