Friday, September, 29,2023

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Salasar Music Releases Soul-Stirring Devotional Track 'Bhajan Thamlo Na Hath Mera Sanware' by Nitesh Sharma Golu, with Video Production by Atalchatra

"Bhajan Thamlo Na Hath Mera Sanware": A Soul-Stirring Devotional Track by Nitesh Sharma Golu, Music by Soundchef The Barbarika (Nitesh Pritam) Released by Salasar Music Label with Video and Creative Production by Atalchatra and Audio Marketing by Atalchatra

Salasar Music Label is elated to announce the much-awaited release of the devotional track, "Bhajan Thamlo Na Hath Mera Sanware." Sung and penned by the immensely talented Nitesh Sharma Golu, with music composed by Soundchef The Barbarika (Nitesh Pritam), this melodious offering has already taken the music industry by storm.

The accompanying video and creative production for "Bhajan Thamlo Na Hath Mera Sanware" have been meticulously crafted by Atalchatra, perfectly capturing the essence of the song and providing a visually stunning narrative. Their efforts have resulted in a visually immersive experience for viewers, intensifying the overall impact of the track.

Atalchatra has played a pivotal role in the marketing and distribution of the audio for "Bhajan Thamlo Na Hath Mera Sanware." Their dedicated efforts have significantly contributed to the widespread popularity and engagement of the track across various platforms.

Since its release, "Bhajan Thamlo Na Hath Mera Sanware" has received immense love and appreciation from music enthusiasts worldwide. It has rapidly become a trending sensation on Instagram's Atalchatra, solidifying its position as a fan favorite. Moreover, the track has gained substantial popularity on Gaana, enchanting listeners with its divine aura. It continues to captivate and enthrall audiences on Spotify and YouTube, accumulating a dedicated fan base.

Salasar Music Label takes immense pride in presenting this divine composition to the world, showcasing the creative brilliance of Atalchatra and the exceptional talents of Nitesh Sharma Golu and Soundchef The Barbarika. The label remains committed to promoting exceptional talent and delivering soulful music that resonates with audiences across diverse platforms.

To experience the enchantment of "Bhajan Thamlo Na Hath Mera Sanware" and stay updated on the latest releases, follow Salasar Music Label and the artists on Instagram, Gaana, Spotify, and YouTube. Immerse yourself in the divine realm of music and spirituality with this captivating track brought to you by the collaborative efforts of Salasar Music, Nitesh Sharma Golu, Soundchef The Barbarika, and Atalchatra

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