Friday, June, 02,2023

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Rathore fumes at Churu hosp, terms it ‘Khala ji ka bada’

Churu: Deputy Leader of Opposition, Rajendra Rathore made a surprise inspection of DB Hospital on Thursday morning. Expressing displeasure over the untidy upkeep of the hospital, he said that the hospital itself is ill. How would it treat others?.

During the inspection, the doctors and the nursing staff were also found violating the dress code, to which Rathod said that the doctors themselves are not in the apron. Is this a hospital or Khala ji ka Bada? Rathore said that physicians do not sit in the OPD, they should be asked to provide their duties timely, otherwise, action should be taken against them. On seeing the spider webs in every corner of the hospital, Rathod told the hospital superintendent, Dr Hanuman Jaipal, that if the sanitation workers are not providing their services properly they should be replaced immediately. On this occasion, exdistrict chiefs Harlal Saharan, Chandra Ram Guri, Sushil Lata, and others were also present.

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