Spring is in the air

Lo! where the rosy-bosom’d Hours, Fair Venus’ train appear, Disclose the long-expecting flowers, And wake the purple year! The Attic warbler pours her throat, Responsive to the cuckoo’s note, The untaught harmony of spring. -Ode to Spring by Thomas Gray

Look around you, everything is in bloom. From the well-tended gardens where exotic roses spread heavy sensual fragrances to the little wildflowers on the roadside tossing their heads like a young restless filly.

Winters may still be hanging on in many parts but both Rajasthan and Gujarat have put away the blues of winter and are already welcoming Spring and sunshine and flowers into their lives, thoughts and yes, clothes.

City First, brings you the Spring look for your wardrobe. Tropical prints are definitely in, so it’s time to add these few essentials to your wardrobe. Tropical prints are not just for day wear, they look just as good as party wear. The trend is to team bright floral prints with plain muted colours but fashion is made on the go. So, if you feel you can carry off the printed top with a printed skirt, go ahead, just remember to keep a common theme be it with the type of flowers or one colour with different flowers. Throw on a denim jacket on your dress and of course, the common flowery skirt teamed with a plain T-shirt or top is always popular.

There are some common tips for carrying off spring patterns. A small flowery patterned blouse is, of course, perfect with your formal suit. Avoid wearing too large flowers if you are on the larger side and also if you are petite. I need not write a single word about our printed and painted flowery crepes, chiffons and georgettes teamed up with pearls and matching glass bangles. Flowery sandals are also in and for the man in your life; go and buy him a flowery tie and you are set for spring in your life and heart.