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UP hospital declares woman dead, family claims she was alive

Lucknow: In a shocking incident, a 53-year-old woman, who was declared dead by a reputed medical institute in the state capital, was later found breathing when her ‘body’ was taken home. 

The incident took place on Sunday when the doctors prematurely pronounced her dead and withdrew the life support system.

A video shot by the family, which lives in Indiranagar, went viral in which the patient was seen on an oxygen concentrator at home and kin frantically trying to help her breathe.

The kin can also be seen showing a pulse oximeter on the patient’s finger with normal readings and claiming that she was still alive.

The patient’s son, Sunil Kumar, told reporters “My mother, who was under treatment in the hospital for the past three days, was declared dead on Sunday.

We brought her home, but upon noticing that her heart was still beating, we put her on oxygen support but by the time we could reach a private hospital, she died.” 

Denying the allegation, the hospital spokesperson presented the patient’s ECG report showing a cardiac flatline as evidence that she died in the hospital and subsequently discharged. All necessary treatment was given, but she died of cardiac arrest,” he said.

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