No alternative to Congress: Gehlot

Mumbai: Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, who was in Mumbai for past two days, has come out strongly against the Central government and said that election campaigning should not be done on emotional issues. Terming the BJP as a fascist party, Gehlot said, “There can be no alternative to Congress. Had the Congress not kept democracy alive for seventy years, Modiji would have never become the Prime Minister.”

Gehlot was addressing a press conference on Wednesday in Mumbai where he said that the NSSO data was kept hidden and was made public only after the BJP won the election. “Democracy is in danger. It was Indira Gandhi who divided Pakistan into two and also averted the formation of Khalistan. Today, there is an environment of fear and hatred in the country and the economy is not being looked after while businesses have dried up and there are no jobs,” Gehlot thundered.

Terming demonitization as a way to turn black money into white, Gehlot said, “no answer has been given on the damage after demonitization. GST was forced and not enforced properly the way it should have been. Even the finance minister’s husband has said that Manmohan Singh’s policies should be furthered.”

Pukhraj Parashar, Co-incharge and Health Minister Raghu Sharma, Congress General Secretary and In-charge Avinash Pande, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, President Mumbai Congress Eknath Gaikwad, and Congress candidates Amin Patel, Bhai Jagtap, and Hira Devasi during a poll rally in Malabar Hill in Mumbai on Wednesday.

Avinash Pande, Amin Patel, CM Ashok Gehlot and Bhai Jagtap.

Raghu Sharma, Avinash Pande, CM Ashok Gehlot, Eknath Gaikwad, Bhai Jagtap, Amin Patel and Hira Devasi.

Dharavi Assembly constituency candidate Varsha Gaikwad, CM Ashok Gehlot and Eknath Gaikwad.

Avinash Pande addressing the rally.