Not a councillor? You can still become local body chief!

Jaipur: In a significant development related to local bodies election in the state, the notification for ‘hybrid model’ has been issued. As per this, the councillor or any other person can also become the candidate for the position of chief of the local body. For becoming the candidate, the eligibility criteria as prescribed will have to be fulfilled. Probably Rajasthan is the first state in country where this model is being implemented in local body polls. Under this, any person who is not a councillor can also become chief of the local body. Elected councillors will elect the chairperson of the local body. As per the notification, the voting for the chairperson of the local body will be conducted in the first meeting of the elected councillors and voting will be held between 10 am and 2 pm.

Two days will be given for filing the nomination papers for chairperson while one day will be taken for examining the nomination form while one day will be spared for taking back of the names. The candidate belonging to any political party will have to give an authorised letter on the last day of filing of nomination. The elected councillors will become the proposer and supporter for the candidature of the person for the post of chief. Right to cast vote will be of elected councillors only. Reservation as per applicable by law will be applied.

In case, if a non-councillor becomes the candidate, then he won’t be able to cast vote. Therefore in the local bodies where the number of councillors is less and where there will be a close fight, there this one vote would be important.

UDH minister Shanti Dhariwal is expected to brief media about the on Thursday and will inform the objective of this hybrid model. Meanwhile, Dhariwal also unveiled a guide book of JMC on Wednesday.