Not a Hero, but a Legend

In an exclusive interview with City First, veteran actor Parikshit Sahni who was seen in ‘3 Idiots’ and ‘PK’, shared his bits of interest. The ‘Kabhie Kabhie’ actor was in the Pink City at Jaipur Bar Stock Exchange for his book launch ‘The Nonconformist’ that he wrote for his father, veteran actor Balraj Sahni.

Parikshit Sahni will be seen in ‘Housefuls 4’ alongside Akshay Kumar. When asked about his experience, the actor said, “I had a fantastic time during the shoot because I have always played serious roles but for the first time, I was given a role which is purely fun and comic.”

Because Parikshit is a veteran actor, he was asked to share his views on the difference that is evidently seen between the old and the new films, to which he said, “Back in my days, people had a different mind-set, the different sociology, different conditions. So there is not better or worse. One cannot compare because art does no improve, it changes with time.”

Sharing about his book and what inspired him, Sahni said, “My friends kept telling me for years to write it but I was not sure. I was pushed into it because I did not want to publish it. But after I wrote 3-4 chapters, Penguin approached me and I signed a contract with them and once that happened, it worked out unexpectedly well.”

Discussing about the web series and how it is taking over the world of cinema, the ‘3 Idiots’ actor said, “See, everything has two sides. For example, if I talk about ’Sacred Games’, it has really exposed the life of Mumbai, the police. In a way, that’s brilliant. But again, its being made to be sold which is sad. Otherwise, it is a good phenomenon.”