Oasis of Calm

With floor reminiscent of a retro American diner and pastel-coloured seats, Eleven11 is one of the quirkiest cafes I’ve been to in Ahmedabad.

While the menu is more than adequate, it’s USP is easily the individual electricity outlets that make it ideal for wanting to power through work in crowded solitude.

There are different seats with individual outlets for those who want to work through lunch. And it makes for a great writing spot for someone looking for peace, quiet and a great cup of coffee.

Stepping in to the inner room is… interesting. One minute, you’re in a retro diner, and the next, well, whatever it is that has throne-like chairs amid tropical greenery. The plants hanging from the roof seem like an obvious if usually ignored solution to greening up the space.

Once I had surveyed my surroundings like some animal at a watering hole, I chose a “throne” and sat down, having decided to eat like a king, errrm, queen.

Combining the East and the West, I chose chilli garlic noodles, and a cappuccino to wash it down.

Perfectly spiced with the right noodle to veggie ratio, the chilli garlic noodles left a pleasant lingering taste in the mouth. The tender chunks of garlic that were sprinkled liberally through the dish gave it an extra dash of pizzazz. Noodles done, I sipped my cappuccino while looking out the bay windows overlooking the busy road, happy for respite from the rest of the world.

Predictably busy on the weekends, Eleven-11 on a weekday is a great escape for an hour or two to refresh yourself in the middle of a busy day. Or, you could come here for a leisurely lunch with your friends to talk about everything and anything. The environment is quiet enough for an hour of work or relaxing.

-Prachi Kumar