Of a zealous Pilot, yummy lunch & uneasy calm…

Jaipur: A jubiliant and enthusiastic Pilot camp claims that almost 150 media persons attended the lunch, out of which 135 invitees were offered a decent Diwali sweets packet.

During this media strength “trial show”, Pilot was visibly very receptive and in a jolly mood. A number of the leading print and electronic media persons attended the lunch, though there was some sort of an uneasy calm in the party’s atmosphere!

There was a visible stamp of a Gehlot-Pilot rift and therefore some people were not certain of the likely reaction of the other camp (?). The party was mainly attended by LP Pant, Bhuvnesh Jain, Kunal Mazoomdar, Rakesh Goswami, Sripal Shktawat, Anil Loda, JP Sharma, SK Surana, Anindo Day, Hamza, Deep Mukherjee, Ajay Dadda, Babulal, Sandeep Dahiya, Dev Ankur, Lallu Sharma and Billu Banna, but Pilot’s attention was mainly focussed on LP Pant and Bhuvnesh Jain.

Surprisingly, inspite of repeated Archana Sharma phone calls, except transport minister Pratap Singh Khachariyawas, no other Gehlot cabinet minister or any other senior Congress politician attended the lunch. Pilot’s media manager was visibly upset on this poor presence of politicians in the lunch.

Notably, prior to Pilot’s lunch, before leaving for Jodhpur on Thursday afternoon, a media friendly CM — Ashok Gehlot, who is considered as one of the most media-savvy chief ministers in the country, had also personally met a number of senior editors of print and electronic media on Wednesday.

After the lunch, while addressing a brief press conference, Pilot made two important announcements ie all political appointments will be made by December and in this connection Avinash Pande had already met MRS Gandhi on Thursday morning and all district level coordination committees will be immediately formed to ensure a proper coordination between the party and the government. Everyone was stunned, while replying to a media quarry, Pilot made a scathing remark by saying that “he is not CM Gehlot’s Deputy but Rajasthan state’s Deputy CM.”

All said and done…Pilot’s Diwali lunch remained a hot subject of discussions in the political, bureaucratic and media circles on Thursday.