Officer at Work…

Actor Priyanshu Chatterjee and Politician turned Producer Laxmi Narain Pandey Guruji were in the Pink City on Saturday to promote their upcoming film ‘Officer Arjun Singh IPS’. In an exclusive conversation with City First, Producer Laxmi Narain said that he got the inspiration to make this movie from the time when he used to sit in Vidhan Sabha. Sharing the story behind it, he said, “Spending 27 years in the system, I have observed it deeply and few incidents made me bring the reality in front of the Indian audience.”

Laxmi Narain is among those few people who switched to Bollywood from Politics to portray the dirty politics that can be seen running in the veins of our political systems.

During the conversation, Priyanshu said that he is very much familiar from the Jaipur city and loves the architecture and the food here. While talking about the film, he said, “The concept and the character of Officer Arjun Singh was very new to me, and to carry the attitude of an IAS Police officer was very challenging for me, but the makers of the film were deeply connected to the system and that helped me to prepare and understand the demands of the character.”

Priyanshu has recently worked in a web series ‘Coldd Lassi Aur Chicken Masala’. Talking about the web trends, he said, “Web is generating a lot of employment for the industry people. It is a different exposure for actors and time taking too, as it takes a tenure of 3-4 months to get complete, wherein we complete a film in 40-45 days.”