Pakistan must end support to terror groups, says US Senator

Washington: Pakistan must end support to terrorist groups, a top US Senator has said, a day after meeting Prime Minister Imran Khan and the army chief, discussing with them what more can be done to preempt terror attacks and prevent the spread of radicalism.

Senator Maggie Hassan also called for finding ways to de-escalate the tension between India and Pakistan that spiked after New Delhi revoked the special status of Jammu and Kashmir.

She said Pakistan has an important role to play in stabilising Afghanistan, where the US has come under increasing criticism for civilian causalities as a result of airstrikes in the recent months.

Asserting that her top priority is to keep “Americans safe” , Hassan on Friday said, “It was particularly helpful to discuss with key Pakistani leaders what more can be done to preempt terrorist attacks and prevent the spread of terrorist ideology.”

Observing: Hassan and Hollen visited PoK to observe conditions and push for a de-escalation of the situation, including calling on India to end its curfew and restore communications.