Pankaja Munde removes ‘BJP’ from Twitter bio

Mumbai: Former minister and BJP leader Pankaja Munde has removed the party’s name from her Twitter bio.

Now her bio on the micro-blogging site reads, “RT’s r not endorsements.” Munde urged her supporters to come for a rally to be held in Beed on December 12, also the birth anniversary of her late father and former Union Minister Gopinath Munde.

Pankaja said that after her defeat in the recently held Maharashtra polls, she had received several calls and messages from her supporters to meet, but could not do so because of the situation in the state.

She said that in the changed scenario, the future course of action needs to be decided.

“You are asking me for time … I am going to give you time … eight to ten days. These 8-10 days I want time to communicate with myself a little bit. What to do next? Which way to go? What can we give to our people? What is your power? What do people expect? I am going to be in the presence of all these things,” her post said after translation.

Shiv Sena will welcome Pankaja Munde if she joins

Shiv Sena will be happy to welcome Pankaja Munde if the BJP leader chooses to join the ruling party in Maharashtra, Sena leader Abdul Sattar on Monday said.

Sattar said, “On December 12, Pankaja Munde will decide on where she will go next. If she joins Shiv Sena, we will happily welcome her. Late Gopinath ji and Balasaheb ji shared a cordial relationship in past.” This speculation comes after BJP leader Pankaja Munde removed the party’s name from her Twitter bio.

Munde lost from Parli seat by a margin of approximately 30,000 votes in the Assembly elections.