Passion into reality

Taking her passion for sports, especially basketball to the next level, actress Esha Gupta is a proud owner of a team in the ‘Street Ball League’, the first-ever 3v3 semi-pro Basketball league in India. Esha owns the team Hoop Heads in the League. The actress shared that she has always been into sports, and love the discipline that comes with it. She used to play volleyball at the state level and have been always passionate about basketball, football, F1, Nascar, and cricket, and therefore decided to take her passion for the game a little ahead.

Talking about the same, Esha took to her Instagram, and posted a picture with her girls. She stated, “When we were kids, we wanted to be a pilot, engineer, have jobs in bank, study more.. then we grow up, we become all of that, And, play basketball as well… my @hoopheadsofficial girls inspire me so much every day. The perfect example of women supporting each other and believing that we can do everything, just if given the chance. So proud of these intelligent strong ass-kicking girls.. and thank you for the men who help in building such powerful women @meckylobo @devarshathaker #girlpower @streetball_league.”