Patients suffer as over 5K residents strike work

Jaipur: People had a harrowing experience on Tuesday as around 5,000 resident doctors in the state went on indefinite strike, despite being assured of suspension of fee hike.

Health services were adversely affected by this strike even as the government was talking to their representatives regarding their demands. Health Minister Dr Raghu Sharma who had met a delegation of resident doctors on Tuesday morning to resolve the issues has simultaneously asked to make alternative arrangements to ensure patients do not suffer.

In fact, Sharma had taken initiative to meet resident doctors early in the morning. He tried to reason out with them to avoid strike, by assuring them that the government was positive towards their demands but the doctors were hell bent on getting immediate orders on their demands.

The resident doctors are protesting against fee hike, lack of hostel facility and inadequate security in hospitals. President of Jaipur Association of Resident Doctors, Dr Ramchandra Jangu said that their fee has been hiked five times from Rs5,000 to Rs 1,00,000.

They are also demanding either hostel facility as per MCI norms or 16% of their basic in lieu of hostel accommodation. They also alleged that only 300 security guards have been deployed at SMS hospital against sanctioned strength of 480 thus jeopardising their security.

Medical education secretary Vaibhav Galeria personally went to the finance department to discuss the demands. Later, he assured the doctors that the fee hike would be rolled back and a proposal regarding housing allowance would be sent to the finance department.

Strike resulted in cancellation of more than 100 major and minor operations in at SMS alone. The patients will now have to wait for seven to 10 days.