‘Plot’ thickens: Kamla Beniwal & other accused ‘land in’ soup

Jaipur: In a matter pertaining to a fraud case related to allotment of agriculture land, former Governor of Gujarat and other states Kamla Beniwal and half-a-dozen accused have received a shock from a Jaipur court.

The court of ADJ 4 has rejected all the revision petitions filed by Kamla Beniwal and the accused. Judge Rajesh Sharma (II) pronounced the order. The court has ordered all accused to be present for trial in front of ACMM court number 7 of Jaipur metropolitan on October 22.

Notably, on July 15, 2019, ACMM court number 7 of Jaipur metropolitan had taken congizance against Beniwal and others in numerous sections of IPC and had summoned them. Court had given this decision following the complaint of one Sanjay Kishore.

All the 16 accused, including Beniwal, had challenged this order and had filed revision petition in DJ Court.

The DJ Court had designated ADJ court number 4 for hearing these revision petitions. After hearing both the sides, Judge Sharma in his order, rejected all the revision petitions.

Notably, it was after this report that the Union government had sacked Kamla Beniwal from the post of Governor of Mizoram in 2014.

The Recall

In 1953, state government had given 384 bighas to Kisan Samuhik Krishi Sahkari samiti for agriculture purposes on lease for 25 years. Lease expired in 1978. This included land in Govindpura, Gokulpura and Kardhani area.

Former Governor of Gujarat Kamla Beniwal became its member in 1970. JDA acquired land in Gokulpura in Nineties for Prithviraj Nagar scheme. Following this, JDA made allotments to 209 commercial and residential plots to members of society including, Beniwal in Kardhani Yojana as compensation.

Kishore had filed a court ‘plaint in 2012 and alleged that others had taken possession of land replacing original members. In fact, two living members were declared dead and in their place, others became members. After making forged documents of the land, a 1,500-metre plot was also taken from government in lieu of the land.

Advocate AK Jain who has been representing the complainant said that they have been fighting the case for the last 7 years and former Governor bought land at cheap price declaring herself to be a farmer and for this, she also submitted faulty affidavits. After the revision petitions have been dismissed, all the accused will now have to face court trial from October 22.

Order, Order!

“The ADJ (number 4) rejected the revision petition filed by Kamla Beniwal and others in a case related to fraud and forgery and observed the prima facie there is evidence that these individuals took a compensation by claiming a government land to be their’s. They became members of Kisan Sehkari Krishi Samiti based on fake documents and also gave a false report that the members, who were alive, had died. Furthermore, they also gave a false report that they were tilling the land for fourteen to sixteen hours whereas during that time Kamla Beniwal was a minister. The court has also instructed that the individuals will have to appear before court on October 22.”