Protesting with bodies a criminal offence

Jaipur: In an important order, Rajasthan State Human Rights Commission, while stating that bodies too have human rights, has objected to the growing tendency of people to hold demonstrations by keeping bodies while pressing for their demands.

The commission has made recommendation to the government that such incidents where bodies are kept to press for demands should be made punishable offense. Since long time in the state, such a tendency is growing where people demand compensation, government job etc after death of the kin.

The body of gangster Anandpal was kept for more than 20 days and it had created a serious law and order situation.

In this significant order, Chairperson of the Commission Justice Prakash Tatia has said that Human Rights Commission considers the misuse of the body and making protests using this for illegally pressurising the government, administration, the police, hospital and doctor for getting any benefit or money is insult to the dead body and violation of its human rights.

For putting an end to this tendency, the legal provisions need to be strengthened. The Commission also made reference about Supreme Court order in this regard in which it is mentioned that under the Constitution, dignity and right behaviour was not only the right of living but was available to the dead too.

It also recommended that if the family is not performing last rites then responsibility rests with government and it can take help of local body or police.