Bigod: 9 killed in head-on collision between cruiser jeep and bus

Bigod: Nine people, including two women, were reported dead and over a dozen injured in a horrific accident late on Monday night when a roadways bus crashed into a cruiser jeep near Bigod area of Mandalgarh town of Bhilwara district. The accident occurred near Paawan Dham when the bus and jeep crashed head-on as the bus driver tried to overtake a tractor in its lane, however, he did not wait for the jeep to pass. As the news reached the state capital, Health Minister Raghu Sharma immediately spoke with authorities and asked them to extend all health care facilities to the injured.

The jeep was carrying 14 individuals from Santhar village of Mandsaur district in Madhya Pradesh and was coming from Bhilwara. “The roadways bus, on the other hand, was headed towards Bhilwara and was carrying passengers as well. The bus had gone some distance after crossing the Paawan Dharm area when the driver saw a tractor in the front. The road wasn’t well lit, the driver could not fathom the distance between the bus and oncoming traffic and in a bit to quickly overtake the tractor, he veered on the second lane and pushed the accelerator,” officials said.

Hoping that he will be able to overtake the tractor, and reach Bhilwara quickly, the driver executed the manoeuvre, however, he did take into consideration the risk involved. “The bus crashed head-on into the cruiser jeep which resulted in the complete destruction of the jeep. Due to the sheer force, the jeep even made several flips before coming to a halt. However, due to the forces, the passengers were thrown out of the jeep and fell on the road sustained severe injuries. Hearing the sound of the fatal crash, locals rushed to the spot and alerted the authorities. By the time ambulance and authorities reached, nine people had died on the spot,” officials said.

Meanwhile, the villagers rescued a few passengers who were rushed to a nearby private hospital. “Owing to just one doctor being posted during night hours, the staff faced difficulties in treating the injured. The local administration also reached the spot and called compounders and doctors from nearby areas for medical aid. Meanwhile, 10 critically injured individuals have been referred to Bhilwara,” officials said.