CM to PM: Hike Raj’s wheat quota

Jaipur: Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging him to increase wheat allocation to Rajasthan.

In his letter Gehlot has demanded higher wheat allocation because of increase in population. CM wanted wheat quota of the state increased by 21000 metric ton per month. The state currently gets 2.32-lakh metric ton wheat per month but the CM wants it to be increased to 2.53 lakh metric ton per month.

“To ensure all 4.85 crore beneficiaries gets food security under the Food Security Act, the Centre should provide more wheat to Rajasthan,” CM reasoned.

According to CM, due to rising population there is need to review the FSA of 2013 and Public Distribution System (control) order of 2015. “Because of increase in population the number of families eligible to avail benefit of the food security act too has gone up,” Gehlot said.

“When the scheme was launched in the state in 2013, the Union government had fixed number of beneficiaries at 4.46 crore based on 6.86 crore population as per the census 2011. Subsequently, the state’s wheat quota was fixed 2.32-lakh metric ton per month,” Gehlot wrote the PM.

However, he said that since then the number of eligible beneficiaries selected under the food security act has e up to 4.85 crore. Considering this, the Centre should provide 2.53-lakh metric ton wheat to the state so that all selected beneficiaries can get food security as per the intention behind the food security act,” Gehlot said.