Days and nights of ‘true guards of the border’

Barmer: The historical, habitual and continuous attempts by Pakistan on Indo-Pak border hardly raise any eyebrows in the country not unless there is some bloodshed or something to make it to the headlines.

But this is not true for the peace keepers who diligently & dutifully ensure security, integrity and peace at the border even without media or public attention. The Border Security Force (BSF) is oblivious to all else other than their duty 24x7x365. India-Pakistan share 3323 kms of International Border out which 1037 is in Rajasthan itself and it is the safety and security of this stretch which is primarily taken care of by the BSF.

Welcome to Barmer, where the BSF not only keeps a eye on the Pak rangers across the border, but, take immediate steps if anything untoward is noticed.

The BSF, irrespective of the temperature touching zero in winters and as high as 51 degree Celsius in the summers, simply knows day and night. At daytime, a jawan is posted every 500 meters and at night a jawan every 250 meters.

The ever alert eyes not only have to observe & analyse the Pak army mood & movement on land but also be on guard for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) in the sky. Pakistan does not only attempt terror export but also tries to throw in drugs and fake currency in to India.

To spot the moles on the Indian side spying for the enemy keeps the BSF on its toes, specially with some cases of honey traps set through social media surfacing.

The desert poses its own challenges, sand dune shifting and deadly poisonous snakes and scorpions. Saving self so that rest can be safe is the way of life, day in and day out for the BSF. Close coordination with Army, local Police and people living near border make this force what it is – True Guards Of The Border.