Delimitation effect: BJP to divide its city unit into two parts

Jaipur: After the formation of two municipal corporations in the state capital Jaipur, the state BJP has prepared to divide its Jaipur city unit into two parts.

The BJP will now have two organisational district units in Jaipur city. It has also divided the Alwar district into two organisational districts. After the formation of a new district in Alwar, the number of organisational districts of BJP has now increased to 44. After the formation of two districts in Jaipur city, BJP’s organisational district will become 45.

The state government had issued three separate notifications for dividing the Nagar Nigams of three cities into two parts while delimiting the wards afresh on October 18.

JMC has been divided into municipal corporations, Heritage Jaipur Municipal Corporation (HJMC) and Greater Jaipur Municipal Corporation (GJMC). The BJP will now form its new units according to the newly formed Municipal Corporations. At present, the Jaipur city unit comprises eight assembly constituencies. The BJP is considering setting up two new units of four assemblies each.

Organisational elections of Rajasthan BJP are going on and in such a situation, the BJP is setting up a new unit during the organisational elections itself. So that at the same time elections for the new unit can be completed.

As of January 2018, the BJP had a total of 41 organizational districts. Before the Vidhan Sabha elections 2018, the BJP divided its Jaipur Rural unit into two new districts. A new district unit was formed in the name of Jaipur Rural North and Jaipur Rural South. Simultaneously Nagaur district was also divided into two district units. Two new district units were formed in the name of Nagaur Rural and Nagaur City.

Recently, the BJP also divided the Alwar district unit into two parts. The BJP has reconstituted the Alwar district unit to form the Alwar North and South organizational units. The Alwar North unit includes Bansur, Behror, Mundawar, Kishangarhbas and Tijara assembly constituencies.