Gehlot to take up political appointments with Pande

Jaipur: With the issue around political appointments being on the back-burner for a long time, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and AICC General Secretary and Rajasthan Incharge Avinash Pande are expected to meet and discuss on the issue today.

This may be some sort of a ‘semi-final’ exercise which will ultimately require the approval of the Congress President. Pande, who will be visiting Jaipur for a function at Birla auditorium, where Gehlot is also expected to join him, is also expected to stay the night in Jaipur and push off to Delhi on Friday morning.

The Rajasthan incharge, who recently got free from his son’s wedding, has now concentrated his attention to the political appointments, which is causing some restlessness amongst the Congress workers.

However, fully aware of the ‘ground realities’ due to his vast experience and gras-root experience, Pande has been doing his home work through Co-incharge Vivek Bansal and Chief Minister’s appointee Pukhraj Parashar.

The duo are burning the midnight oil, chalking out the ‘fine print’ for the appointments as they are going through scores of candidates’ profiles to ascertain the best ‘performers’ amongst the party workers.

While any discussion over political appointment between Gehlot and Pande is expected to be purely informal, a ‘talk’ of these two Congress giants over this particular issue is going to be momentary. This because the Chief Minister is unwell and rested on Wednesday. Thus the talk between the two could revolve more on trivial issues than a hardcore matter.