Hanging precariously, accident averted

Girder launcher used in construction work of Elevated Road at 22 Godown suddenly shifted and hung on the bridge on top of a very busy road

Jaipur: A major accident was averted on early morning Wednesday, at the otherwise crowded 22 Godown Circle, when a heavy girder launcher (a crane used in construction of bridges) being used for the construction work at the Elevated at 22 Godown Circle almost fell off the bridge, damaging it.

Had it fallen on this busy road, it would have been catastrophic as this is one of the busiest roads in the city.
Situated in close proximity to the state Secretariat, High Court and Assembly buildings, the area also has two big shopping malls and a multiplex nearby.

The road witnesses heavy flow of traffic on any given time.

The incident, occurred at around 5.30 am on Wednesday after which the traffic police promptly closed the road below for all vehicular traffic.

The JDA is constructing Elevated Road at 22 Godown Circle which aims to provide a controlled and assessed high capacity corridor in east-west direction of the city for which there are very few roads available presently.

A part of the launcher suddenly became loose and dropped over the bridge, partially damaging the structure.

Many people witnessed this incident, creating panic among commuters. The traffic policemen who were on duty at the circle at that time stopped the traffic and informed the senior JDA officials. A team of engineers rushed to the spot to access the situation.

The traffic was diverted and the affected area under the bridge was cordoned off.

The traffic was allowed post 8 am although heavy vehicles were not allowed even later.

The JDA officers and engineers reached the spot and decided on the future course of action.