Liquor traders oppose new excise policy

Jaipur: In protest against the new excise policy in the state, liquor traders have also opened a front against the government. Most of the liquor contractors have expressed their opposition to the demands like local liquor, a guarantee of English liquor, an increase in the application process, fees of liquor warehouse and 30% cargo lifting with margin money.

The liquor sellers gathered in a garden located on New Sanganer Road of Jaipur, under the aegis of Liquor Welfare Association and expressed their anger by opposing government’s new excise policy. The people present there also accused the government of harassment by implementing the new policy.

If the liquor traders are to be believed, the government is double dealing with all liquor traders through the new excise policy. All the sellers alleged that government had announced a thousand liquor shops by 2019. But, under the policy, government has decided to increase the number of liquor shops.

Liquor contractors are also alleging that government is claiming to end the Inspector Raj by making simple rules of new excise policy their base, whereas the policy would give a further boost to Inspector Raj. In such a situation, all the liquor traders have decided not to fill the application in the lottery this time and hand over a memorandum to the CM.