Locust attack from Pak worries farmers

Jaisalmer: It is not been long that Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot himself went to western parts of the state to get first hand report on deadly locust attacks.

It was his initiative that the farmers whose crops had fallen prey to the locusts have received the compensation for their losses, but not all of the affected farmers have been compensated till now.

To add to the pain, the locust attacks from Pakistan side continue and so does the misery of the farmers of Barmer, Jaisalmer and now even parts of Jodhpur are living the nightmare. The villages close to Indo-Pak border including Sate Bawari, Booth, Sarupe Ka Tala, Navatala and Mithdau are under attack.

Unlike Pakistan, which has declared locust attacks as national emergency the Indian government is yet to decide on this crucial issue. Gehlot has already written to Centre and also sent reminders in this regard.