NLU Jodh likely to implement reservation for local students

Jodhpur: Law students of Rajasthan may soon have good news. This year onwards they may get reservation in National Law University (NLU), Jodhpur.

For quite a long time, local students have been demanding reservation for students of the state. Now, Delhi High Court has asked for detailed report from the administraton. After the report is received, NLU administration is likely to take up this matter in state executive council’s meeting, which raises hope of a positive decision.

While, 20 out of 23 law schools in the country have reservation for local students, there has been long standing demand for 25 per cent reservation for Rajasthani students in NLU, Jodhpur. In the absence of reservation, local students will have to face tough competition.

Jodhpur NLU was established through an act passed by the state assembly in 1999. However, the state government did not make any provision for reservation on 115 seats. But, when reservation for local students in NLUs in 18 states, the then higher education minister Kiran Maheshwari tabled a proposal for reservation that was passed in March 2018.

The NLU, Jodhpur was required to approve this proposal in its executive council, instead it constituted a committee and sat over the matter. The committee was headed by Justice Manju Goyal of Delhi High Court, which allegedly prolonged the matter by sending a questionnaire to other NLUs. None of them responded. The matter dragged for one more year.

While, many states implemented reservation for their students in NLUs, Rajasthan took 19 years. Except Rajasthan, Delhi and Odisha, all other NLUs have reservation for their students. There is now hope for Rajasthan students as well after Justice Manju Goyal has sought report from the NLU administration.