Panther checks into Durbar Hall of Udaipur City Palace

Udaipur: In a shocking incident, a panther entered the Durbar Hall of City Palace on Sunday night and immediately the Forest Department was notified about the same.

After the news, tourists and people are were barred from going towards the Durbar Hall. However, tourists were allowed to visit Udaipur Fort and Palace.

According to the Forest Department, the roar of the panther was heard from the store near the Durbar Hall. The department also tried to tranquilise the panther, but the efforts went in vain due to the long distance. Then, a cage with a goat was kept to capture the panther.

Forest officials said that the cage was placed in a narrow passage leading out of the Durbar Hall so that the panther sees the goat and gets trapped. They are estimating that the panther must have entered the Durbar Hall from the side of Samor Bagh as a panther movement had been seen in Samor Bagh in the past as well.

Meanwhile in another incident, a panther attacked four people in Bori village of Banswara district on Sunday evening. The condition of the two injured is critical. The eyewitness of the incident, one Sanjay, informed that the panther was roaming in the fields in village. Lalji Patidar, Shakeel, Khatu and Raju took an axe and tried to shoo away the panther, but it attacked them after seeing the axe.

After the incident, large number of people reached the spot and saved the injured from the panther. The villagers said that the same panther had hunted a neelgai in the Makartor forest of Daduka, followed by attacking a youth passing from there on a bike. Daduka is just 5-7 km from Bori.