Pride of Rajasthan: Dr. Nagendra, an inspiration

Determined to completely eradicate epilepsy disease, senior Neuro Surgeon and renowned Epilepsy specialist Dr. Nagendra Sharma of Jodhpur has been organising free camps for the treatment of epilepsy patients on the 30th of every month for the last 21 years. Not only this, but Dr. Sharma also works on spreading awareness about the disease.

So far, about 52,500 epilepsy patients have been treated by Dr. Sharma in western Rajasthan. According to him, in most of the cases, the patient becomes a victim of epilepsy after being hit in the head during a road accident. Infact, road accidents account for 60% of epilepsy patients.

According to Dr. Nagendra Sharma, now people are beginning to understand that the right treatment for epilepsy is seeking medical attention. About 96% of patients suffering from epilepsy come to the doctor late. Among the patients who received treatment from Dr. Sharma, about 12,000 patients have become completely healthy and are leading a normal life.

Dr. Sharma, who has a serious understanding of social concerns, is fulfilling his social responsibilities in the best possible manner in spite of having a busy schedule. The epilepsy specialist has also published various books on the disease, named ‘Manav Mastishk aur Mirgi’ (Human Brain and Epilepsy) and ‘Mirgi: Kaaran aur Nivaran’ (Epilepsy: Causes and Prevention).

Dr. Sharma has also received various honours and awards for his noble work in the medical field, especially regarding the eradication of epilepsy disease.