Pro-agri Gehlot goes ‘aggro’ on farmer welfare in budget

Jaipur: Making it clear that the upcoming budget will have a substantial ‘focus on farmers’ aspirations and expectations’, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Saturday stressed that his government has ‘commitment towards prosperity and progress of the farmers’ and that ‘farming and cattle-rearing communities are important part of the state’s economy and the GDP.’

While addressing a meeting of the Farmers, Cattle-breeders, Dairy Union and Tribal Area Representatives during a pre-budget dialogue at the State Secretariat, Gehlot stressed that suggestions from the farming communities would be of great value for the government while preparing the budget proposals for the next financial year.

Preparing his twelfth budget, the three time CM of Rajasthan said that the government was well aware about the situation of farmers and about the fact that they still needed support, despite several welfare programmes had been initiated in the state. 

“The state government was making all efforts to make the farmers self-reliant,” he said, adding, “it is very difficult for the farmers of the state to toil their sweat in the harsh geographical and climatic conditions in Rajasthan. Their contribution to the state’s economy is extremely important. The government, being well aware of this situation, is  making all possible efforts to give them relief. We are taking steps to make sure that the farmers get the fair price of their crop produces, they get proper quality seeds and fertilizers on time and could adopt new techniques and innovations of progressive farming,” he stated.

During the meet, Chief Secretary DB Gupta said that two-third population of Rajasthan lived in village where the major source of income was farming and animal husbandry. 

“The state government would take steps to make the facilities like irrigation, storage of crop produces and new techniques available to them. Also, the farm producers organizations were being promoted. Other such aspects of agriculture would be taken care of in the coming budget as well,” he added.
During the meeting, the farmers’ representatives thanked the state government headed by the CM for crop loan waiver scheme, transparent and judicious process of crop loan distribution, procurement on minimum support price and timely payment to the farmers. They also applauded  Gehlot for launching the states’  Agri-business, Agro-processing, Agriculture Export Promotion Policy-2019 and setting up a farmers welfare fund worth Rs. 1000 crore.