SC will help fill vacant posts of judges

CM Ashok Gehlot while talking to Rajeev Gaur in Jodhpur, touched upon various issues pertaining to Rajasthan.

The police have killed in encounter, the four accused in the Hyderabad rape case, although it is a matter of investigation, but the rapists have been killed. What are your views?
Ashok Gehlot: Under what circumstances the encounter took place only the police and government of that state can tell. But the situation that has risen across the nation, wherein incidents of rape are increasing, that is something to worry about. Yesterday a girl was set ablaze after the rapist were given bail. This is an emotional incident that has shocked the nation and governments need to look into such incidents. In the rape and murder case of a minor in Tonk, the accused was arrested within twelve hours.

The government is serious towards giving good governance to people. You gave a clear message yesterday that lacunae will not be tolerated even if it is a senior official and action was taken…
The video conferencing that we did, will happen every month now and the service delivery will be monitored till the end users in villages. The Chief Secretary will do so at the state level and at district level, the Collectors will hold conferences. Our In-charge will go in the field and keep a watch on the developments, meetings on 21 point programme will be held regularly and vigilance committee will hold meetings regularly which is done by Collector. We always strive to give sensitive, transparent and answerable administration and that cannot be achieved by just me talking about it. It is achievable only with the combined efforts of all ministers, MLAs, officials towards providing relief to general public. We are here for serving the people and stand here as the Pratham Sevaks. We do not have any agenda of our own, rather our agenda is the common man’s agenda.

There is a problem of pendency in the state..
There is vacancy of 29 High Court judges in Rajasthan and I believe that with the President and CJI reaching here and also with the presence of High Court and Supreme Court judges, the environment that has been created today, will prove beneficial for us in the coming days. 29 is a big number as there is a huge pendency and I believe that the vacancy will soon be filled by the Supreme Court which will further benefit Rajasthan’s population. I believe we will be successful in this.