SMS Hospital conducts its second successful heart transplant in a month

Jaipur: In less than a month, SMS Hospital has conducted second successful heart transplant. Hospital’s cardiothoracic surgeon Dr Anil Sharma led the operation that took 11 hours. It started on Tuesday night and ended in the wee hours of Wednesday.

Earlier, the doctors counseled the parents of an 18-year-old brain dead boy from Sardulshaher in Sriganganagar district to donate his organs. After their consent, his heart was transplanted to a person already admitted in the hospital while both his kidneys were transplanted to two different patients.

SMS medical college principal Dr Sudhir Bhandari and SMS superintendent Dr DS Meena expressed gratitude to the parents of the boy whose organs were donated.

This is second successful heart transplant in the SMS hospital. Only three days ago the first heart transplant recipient had been discharged from the hospital.

Medical and Health Minister Dr Raghu Sharma congratulated the doctors for the second heart transplant. He paid tributes to the 18-year-old donor and expressed his gratitude to his family for donating his organs.

Three weeks ago, the hospital had created history when it became the first government hospital outside South India to conduct successful heart transplant. At no point outside expertise was received.

The lifesaving complex procedure led by Dr. Anil Sharma involved a team of 17 persons including nine doctors. The operation began on 3.40 AM on January 16 had taken five hours during which heart of a brain dead person was transplanted into body of 17-year-old Vishal.

On January 10th, a 25-year-old man Sawarmal from Rajsamand was referred to SMS hospital after he got injured in a road accident.