Rlys to operate 9 holiday specials to clear festive rush

Jaipur: Due of extra passenger load on the occasion of Diwali, the Railway administration will operate nine-holiday special trains. Also, additional passenger coaches will be increased in 37 regular trains. The holiday special trains will be run temporarily in October, November and December. Two holiday special trains will operate between state capital Jaipur to national capital Delhi. The special train will operate between Jaipur-Delhi, Jaipur-Mumbai, Ajmer-Kanpur, Jodhpur-Bandra, Udaipur-Bikaner and Kolkata-Jaipur.

The holiday special train running between Jaipur and Hyderabad will operate once a week. While thrice a week special train will operate between Jaipur to Delhi Cantt. Out of the nine special trains, seven will operate once a week.

Nine holiday special trains:
Hyderabad-Jaipur-Hyderabad (09 trips) weekly special train
Kanpur-Daurai (Ajmer) -Kanpur (06 trips) weekly special train
Ajmer-Bandra Terminus-Ajmer weekly superfast special train
Ajmer-Delhi Sarai-Ajmer weekly special train
Jaipur-Bandra Terminus-Jaipur weekly special train
Jaipur-Delhi Cantt-Jaipur tri-weekly special train
Udaipur-Bikaner-Udaipur weekly special train
Bhagat Ki Kothi (Jodhpur) – Bandra Terminus – Bhagat Ki Kothi (Jodhpur) bi-weekly special train
Shalimar (Kolkata) -Jaipur-Shalimar (Kolkata) (04 trips) weekly special train