Road safety week to last till October 23

Jaipur: The road safety week has begun in the state wherein the traffic police officials will be penalising the violators besides spreading awareness about road safety among the masses. In order to make sure the traffic rules are followed and road accidents are prevented, Director General of Police Bhupendra Singh has issued an order directing all the Inspector General Range and Superintendents of Police to conduct special intensive road safety campaign till October 23. In the orders, the officials are asked to pay special emphasis on the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act such as driving at high speed, violation of red light, talking on mobile while driving, drunk driving and driving passengers in cargo vehicles, etc. Moreover, the Transport Department has been asked to suspend Driving Licenses of violators of these provisions.

Additional Director General of Traffic Police Pankaj Kumar Singh informed that all the District Superintendents of Police of the state have been requested to link all the related agencies including local voluntary organizations, educational institutions and transport department officials. Moreover, they are requested to get in touch with local schools and give information regarding road safety to the students. Among others, school children will be made explained about the enforcement proceedings and violation of traffic rules in detail.

In 2018, 21,743 road accidents were registered in the state out of which 21,547 people were injured while 10,320 people died, Kumar added. Till September this year, 7,875 persons have been injured in 18,000 road accidents. Additional Director General further said, over 29.81 lakh challans have been deducted for violation of traffic rules throughout the state last year.

By the month of August this year, a total of 19.83 lakh challans were deducted which includes 4.43 lakh without helmet, 1.58 lakh without seatbelt, 1.15 lakh for overspeeding, 21,000 using mobile while driving, 1.34 lakh for no parking zone, 57,000 for drunk driving, 75,000 for jumping red lights, 82,000 for overloading and 947 for high beam.