Rupani-led transparent govt lauded for curbing corruption

Ahmedabad: Chief Minister Vijay Rupani’s government has been lauded for its transparency in a recent survey.

The India Corruption Survey-2019, conducted by non-government organization (NGO) Transparency International Ltd (India), credits the state’s efforts to minimize human interface in governance, and says this has resulted in a fall in corruption. The survey covers more than two lakh rural and urban citizens over 248 districts in 20 states.

Energy Minister Saurabhbhai Patel said that the report categorically puts Gujarat on the list of less corrupt states.

Patel also said that Chief Minister Rupani’s many online initiatives means that people don’t have to visit government offices to take approvals or sanctions. This has helped the government to curtail corruption, he added. Citing examples Patel said that, because of the chief minister’s vision, citizens anywhere in the state can now download documents revenue documents like 7/12, 8-a, etc., without visiting any government office. Since even inheritance certificates are issued online now, the decrease in human-interface governance will decrease corruption even further, he said.

He went on to say that the Chief Minister has taken more departments online. For example, building permissions are online. Moreover, industrialists investing in MSME can also get all permissions within five minutes of filing online forms. This has encouraged industrialists to invest more in the state, he said. With mining permissions and lease auctions conducted online, there are no complaints of malpractices or injustice to any party; neither is the right party deprived of its right to get a mining lease contract.

This is the big achievement of this government, which one can see reflected in the corruption survey, the energy minister said.

He went on say that the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) has turned high-tech under the leadership of CM Rupani, and the trap success ratio too has increased. With the ACB team now conducting raids using button/pen cameras, voice recorders and spectrographs, government employees have been sent a stern message that the present government has zero tolerance for corruption.

Of the total 1.90 lakh people surveyed, 74% were male and 36%, female. Of these, 1.2 lakh people had responded for the national and 70,000 for state survey.

Patel grabbed the opportunity to take a pointed dig at the Congress-led Rajasthan government. Citing the report, he alleged that 78% of respondents told the survey agency that one had to pay bribes to get government approval in Rajasthan.