Secular CM Gehlot turns 8, Civil Lines into a Gurudwara

Unprecedented response to popular CM’s religious initiative.

Jaipur: “Jo Bole So Nihal, Sat Sri Akal”. The slogan, meaning “Truth is the name of God”, echoed across the Chief Minister’s Residence, as a Gandhian turned Chief Minister acquired the new status of a religious “saint” on Wednesday morning. The inspiration behind this heartfelt wish of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, to hold a Shabad-Keertan at CMR, in honour of 550th Prakash Parv of Guru Nanak, was his November 12 visit to Sultanpur Lodhi, on being invited by Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh.

And it was a spectacle at the CMR, the likes of which have not been seen earlier. Gehlot spread open the gates of CMR for people and around four thousand individuals reached to attend the keertan.

Governor Kalraj Mishra, ministers in Gehlot government, bureaucrats and other distinguished persons from different sections of the society were present in the programme.

Like a true follower of Mahatma Gandhi, CM Gehlot has once again shown that being secular doesn’t mean being atheist. Similarly, one can be religious yet a secular. Being secular doesn’t warrant abandoning one’s religion or belief.

Moreover, this initiative has virtually resulted in a new political connect between the Congress and Sikh community which had moved away from the age-old party after the Sikh massacre of 1984. While the sentiments of several community members could still be considered as not favouring the party, the CM turned a new leaf by taking everyone in his embrace and making various announcements for the community members. Gehlot announced the approval to Anand Marriage Registration rules, 2019 for registering marriages under the Sikh customs. Gehlot also announced that Sikh individuals appearing for competitive and educational examinations will be allowed to wear Kripan, Kada, Pagdi and other items of religious significance.

Notably, Gehlot had asked his trusted lieutenant for 30 years, Rajeev Arora, to take care of the entire management, which he carried out properly. Interestingly, Rajeev, who was slightly disappointed and upset for the last couple of months for his not being accorded assembly ticket from Jaipur, was in full-form and enthusiasm, while sitting with his mentor Gehlot. He was visibly looking very happy and jubilant with the success of the show.