Solve issues pertaining to leading institutions: CS DB Gupta

Jaipur: A meeting regarding resolving the pending matters of IIT and other top educational institutions in the country was held under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary DB Gupta at the Secretariat conference hall on Friday. During the meeting, Gupta said that these matters should be resolved soon. For coordination and effective monitoring in all institutions and departments, the Planning Department and the nodal department have been introduced which will coordinate with the concerned District Collector and departmental officers.

Gupta also directed the officers to organise a review meeting every three months to resolve the issues of these institutions. Also, the status report will be sent to the Chief Minister’s office every three months by the Planning Department. The departmental heads of 17 top educational institutions of the country in Rajasthan attended the meeting.

On the other hand, Dr Sarin gave a presentation on his program related to Hepatitis B before the CS. CMO officials were also present in this meeting held on the instructions of CMO. CS Gupta also held a meeting regarding the claim payment and other matters related to the State Health Insurance Agency.

Meanwhile, MP Diya Kumari met Chief Secretary DB Gupta to discuss regional problems. CGST Chief Commissioner Rakesh Sharma also met Gupta. Earlier, the CS was busy holding meetings of the governing body of State Health Insurance Agency as well as regarding the pending issues of IIT and IIM. The meeting of the governing body of the State Health Insurance Agency was chaired by CS Gupta. Many aspects, including insurance claims and government dues, were discussed in the meeting. ACS Rohit Kumar Singh and various officials of the Medical Department were present in the meeting.