TAVR performed by doctors of Mahatma Gandhi Hospital

Jaipur: A team of Cardiologists from Mahatma Gandhi Hospital have done Trans Catheter Aortic Valve Replacement TAVR and saved life of a 65 year old patient. Dr Vikas Swarankar, Chairperson, Mahatma Gandhi Hospital said, only 7 centers are performing this kind of procedure in India. He added that a team of trained and qualified cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, cardiac anesthetist and a Hybrib cathlab is essential to perform TAVR.

Cardiologist Dr Deepesh Agrawal, Dr Harshvardhan, Dr Ramanad Sinha, Cardiac Surgeon Dr Budhaditya Chakraborty and Dr Gaurav Goyal were made it successful.

Dr Deepesh said, Patient was having shortness of breath from last two years, syncope and chest discomfort. His Aortic valve was condensed and blood flow was creating back pressure.
TAVR was performed through femoral artery in leg with a wire and self expendable aortic valve. It was a non invasive case.