The ‘Jaguar’ Swag

On an exclusive interview with City Fist, Punjabi singer Sukh-E, who was recently in Jaipur for a show, shared about his journey and upcoming projects.

“I started off as a music director, making beats for underground rappers as it used to be very trendy and interesting during those days. Eventually, people started liking my work and approached me for whom I did a few mainstream songs. I came out with ‘Sniper’ three years after that,” said Sukh-E when asked about how he began his journey.

“Majority of my songs are based on someone else’s life. Back in college, I used to observe people and that’s what is depicted in the stories of my songs,” added the 29-year-old artist.

When asked about his upcoming projects, Sukh-E said, “I am planning on doing a few international collaborations. I cannot disclose the names yet, but I am working on it. Soon, my songs will even be a part of Bollywood films as remakes.”

On being asked about his inspiration, the ‘Jaguar’ singer said, “I have worked with the best artists like Bohemia, Raftaar, Badshaah, Neha Kakkar, Jazzy B, among others and they all inspire and motivate me in one way or another. It was my dream to work with Jazzy B because I grew up listening to his hit song ‘Jinhe Mera Dil Lutteya’ and it was an achievement to have gotten the opportunity to work with him.”

Sukh-E is currently enjoying the success of his new song ‘Wah Bhi Wah’ in collaboration with Neha Kakkar.