Tonk rape accused held

Tonk: It was the animalistic urge of an inebriated man to satiate his sexual appetite that ended in brutal murder of the six-year-old girl from Kherli village of Tonk district. The Tonk police solved the case in a jiffy that is within twenty-four hours of the commission of the crime and nabbed the accused, a trucker named Mahendra alias Dholya Meena, a native of Kherli village, who also has two daughters. In his confession, the accused has accepted that due to a spat between him and his wife, he had not established physical relationship and thus he ended up abducting, raping and murdering the child.

The Tonk police was ably aided by the canine unit of the Rajasthan police and it was the effort of the sniffer dog that Mahendra was nabbed from his home. A habitual drunkard, Mahendra confessed to the Tonk police that he abducted the girl by luring her on the pretext of buying her a chocolate while she was all set to head back home. “The man bought her a chocolate and took her in his truck on a drive around the village. However, he found a secluded spot and raped her. Later, in order to save himself from police, he murdered the child in order to destroy the evidence leading back to him. During the investigation, the sniffer dogs were pressed into service and they straight away, started leading the police to one part of the village where Mahendra’s house is located,” officials said.

Since liquor bottles were found at the crime scene, the cops started inquiring if there was a habitual drunkard in the immediate area and the locals pointed towards Mahendra’s home. “the team met Mahendra’s mother who informed that her son had been consuming liquor the entire night and was blabbering something. Suspecting foul-play, we took him to the police station and after he gained a little sense, he was questioned during which he confessed to the crime,” officials said. Mahendra was also planning to leave the state for some time, to evade being arrested, however, before he could act on his thoughts, the man was nabbed. “We will file the chargesheet soon and request the court to award the toughest punishment,” officials said.