‘Treat girls on a par with boys’… educate them: Kuldeep Arya

Collector Arya focused on the importance of education at the Ratri Sabha.

Ahmedabad: Gandhinagar District Collector Kuldeep Arya urged parents to start treating girls “on a par with boys” by educating them.

The 37-year-old, who took charge this past April, was speaking at Moti Vathi as part of his Ratri Sabha on Friday. Ratri Sabha is aimed at creating awareness about the government schemes at the grassroots level. Moti Vathi in Dehgam taluka is situated about 40 km from the district headquarters.

“Education has never been more important. If society is educated, more people can learn about and benefit from government schemes. For this, there should be no discrimination against girls. Girls should be treated on a par with boys. They should be given the same education opportunities. This will ensure that girls and women also get the benefits of government initiatives,” he said.

While there is a primary school in the village, a shortage of teaching staff has directly affected the education imparted here. The collector assured the villagers that their primary school would get new teachers as soon as the appointment process was completed.

The second major hurdle to education here is poor bus connectivity. Collector Arya has directed state transport officials to look into scheduling bus services between the village and the taluka and district headquarters in tandem with school and college timings.

“To get benefits from state government policies, you have to file online applications,” the district collector told those gathered, adding, “These applications have to within a set time-frame. If you file online applications after the deadline, they will not be entertained. So education is imperative for this as well.”

District Development Officer RR Raval appealed to villagers to send their children to schools for primary and higher education. The sex ratio in the village is worrying, it is time to wake up and see that pregnant women get health check regular and mother mortality rate is brought down, the DDO advised.

At the Ratri Sabha, villagers of Moti Vathi also requested the collector to build a weir-cum-causeway over the Vatrak river, to reduce the distance between their village and Kapadwanj, where many from Moti Vathi have friends and relatives. The villagers currently traverse 50km to go from one place to another. Collector Arya immediately asked the concerned officer to come up with the plan for the causeway on the Vatrak river.

Along with other department officers, Prant officer Viralben Desai, and Dehgam Mamlatdar HL Rathod were also present.