Underestimating Bangladesh not a good thing: Coach Stimac

Leeds: Ahead of India’s FIFA World Cup qualifying clash against Bangladesh, head coach Igor Stimac said that underestimating their opponent is not a good thing.

“I am very excited and happy to be here in the city of joy, the mecca of Indian football. Everyone is so excited to be here. There will be a lot of passion for the game. We know that we have somehow woken up everyone with our recent performances. We have shown that on our day we can play against anyone. In the first two games, we were not favourites. By now the whole pressure is on us. We have to win this game so that we have a chance to keep dreaming,” Stimac said. “I wouldn’t like any of you to underestimate Bangladesh. That’s not a good thing to do. Whenever we underestimate someone the result is not good. Bangladesh did a very good job against Qatar. They created more chances. They have their expectations and dreams. They have not come here to lose the match they have come here to win.” he added.